Rize Or Demize Records is an English, independent record label, founded by Craig Pinches in 2014. We believe in the ROD Family, that anyone we work with is part of our family and one of our own.

We are based across the Midlands, London and Surrey – but our family extends worldwide. We work with artists, producers, promoters and other talented people the world over. We consider everyone we work with to be under the ROD Family umbrella and our core values reside in developing and supporting our family at home and abroad.

We believe in encouraging and promoting innovative thinking in music. We work with artists who write because they feel the need to send a message through music and we bring people together to create music born of talent and passion. To us music is life, and the music we release reflects our desire to reach out to people and connect through sound.

We feel that music can elicit an emotional response and connect with people, and we welcome anyone who shares that view to reach out to us; whether you’re an artist or you simply love music. Email contact@rizeordemizerecords.com to connect with us.


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